Sunday, July 29, 2007

Compensation For Slavery?

Check out this comment from the television minister about the reimbursement for slavery in America. By now we must know that our economical system of today was the beneficiary of four hundred years of slavery. Be that as it may, the dollar during the periods of slavery had tremendous value by comparison to todays economy, we all understand, right?

Where am I going with this? Today, a dollar amount could not possibly be attached to the cost of slavery. Most importantly, the people that deserve the compensation for there labor and troubles as the result of living during that period in history are no longer alive. What am I talking about? Most of my brothers and sisters of today if compensated monetarily would end up putting there reward back into the very same system that benefited from slavery anyway.

My compensation should be to view me as a man and measure my worth by my own merit. Do not make assumptions or conclusions about my outer appearance without considering the heart. Do not categorize me about the car I drive, the money in my back account, my family affiliations, the college I received a degree from, the color of my skin, and so on. Look into the heart of a person, let my merit be my ticket to opportunities in this life.

Idealistic? Even with the correct education, knowledge, skills, finances, dream team, and more, I would still have a challenging time purchasing a major league baseball team. Even if I am the best candidate for the job of being an owner, and I mean sole owner. This would be my payback, just give me a fair opportunity without bias. Comment by Pall Stanley

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Yvonne chihak said...

I love this post.

I have often wonder whether our constant thoughts and believes about discrimination help to perpetuate it. I don't know.

Once I started studying and practicing the effects of thoughts and vision, I realized the powerful implications.

Today, when I think, visualize and act, I do so from the place of spirit knowing that absolutely no human limitations can come my way. That my being blasts through human ego and I rise to my highest potential as is meant to be.

My soul refuses to bow down to human fallacies for they are inferior to its very purpose.